The 2021 Season in a nutshell

2021 proved to be a trying season for wild rice! The drought impacted rice stalks and bed numbers, some waterways were deemed inaccessible due to forest fires or lack of water for a canoe, and the fire bans left processors unable to parch their rice. However, even with all of the challenges, the Wild Rice Project still made leaps and bounds toward its goals! The Wild Rice House Processing Facility processed over 2000 pounds of rice with over 18 customers. We are now experimenting our processing equipment with our small grains to hopefully expand our reach to small-scale farmers in the region!

Large parcher

Minimum Batch Size: 200 lbs Green Rice

$1.50 per finished pound

small parcher

Minimum Batch Size: 60 lbs Green Rice

$1.75 per finished pound

**If you absolutely can't make it to the 60 lb minimum, then we are willing to help facilitate pairing up other ricers with smaller amounts. This is only if all parties are willing to mix their rice together. We highly recommend you make these connections on your own with other ricers you know, to hopefully avoid any impact on the quality of your finished rice. **
Please call Blake at 612-298-8561 for specific processing operation questions and availability

Drop-off location:
Finland Wild Rice House
5168 Hefflefinger Road
Finland, MN 55603

Please park on the along the street or in the grassy area in front of the building. Please no traffic behind the building.