Spring 2023 Learning Opportunities

Spring 2023 Learning Opportunities

The Wild Rice Project is proud to host these educational webinars in May and June!!

Please Join us via Zoom with the registration links below

WILD RICE AND SULFIDE MINING: Why Citizen Science Sampling for Sulfate in Minnesota Matters

Date: Thursday June 8

Time: 5:30pm CST

Want to know how you can make a difference for clean water through volunteer citizen science? Join Paula Maccabee, WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel to learn about sampling for sulfate in Minnesota waters.
Learn how you can contribute to public data, inform policy, and impact protection of Minnesota’s water quality, wild rice, and communities as a citizen scientist involved in water quality sampling.

Paula Maccabee, WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel

Paula has 43 years of experience in public interest law, policy, litigation, advocacy, media relations, and campaign strategy, and tactics. She received her B.A. summa cum laude from Amherst College and graduated from Yale University Law School in 1981. Paula served as litigator for Dalkon Shield defective product cases, as a Minnesota Special Assistant Attorney General, and on the St. Paul City Council, where she chaired a committee on environmental protection and human rights. In 1994, Paula’s founded her public interest law firm, where she represented the Sierra Club, Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, and the City of Minneapolis, as well as organic farmers, wind developers and diverse citizens’ groups. Paula’s advocacy for the Gardens of Eagan organic farm was featured in the book, Turn Here Sweet Corn (Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2012), and her publications include professional articles in the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law and the William Mitchell Law Review. In 2010, Minnesota Lawyer named her one of its Attorneys of the Year for her public interest work. Jewish Women’s Archive has honored her as one of America’s 15 Jewish Women in Environmental Activism. In 2015, based on the nomination of Duluth area doctors working to prevent sulfide mine health effects, Paula was awarded the Harvey G. Rogers Environmental Health Leadership Award by the Minnesota Public Health Association. Since 2009, Paula has served as WaterLegacy’s advocacy director, executive leader, legal counsel, and primary staff for policy, strategy, fundraising, and media relations.

Minnesota's Journey with Wild Rice: A brief History

Date: Thursday May 25

Time: 5:30pm CST

Join Annette Drewes for a brief history of the backstory to wild rice and encounters with farmers, legislators and the framing of a state grain.

Annette Dray Drewes, Ph.D. found her passion on the water. She writes to remind us nature is not separate from us. Her writings bring us into the wild rice, under the cedar forest and along the edges of pine and aspen lined shores. As a scientist, educator and gatherer of wild rice she shares her knowledge and experiences to elevate understanding of native wild rice ecology and the harvesting culture this wild grass supports. A leading authority on a disappearing tradition, she is dedicated to raising awareness of lake and river wild wild rice, a threatened keystone species of the Upper Midwest. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison she lives with her husband and two wirehaired dogs in the north woods of Minnesota. She is author of the blog and podcast, Wild Rice Voices, found at Annettedrewes.com. Also found on facebook group @wild rice voices

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